Home remedies for diabetes

Diabetes is one of the common health problems in the world. The other name is called mellitus. There are two types of diabetes first in which the body does not produce insulin and the second in which insulin that is produced does not work properly. There some common symptoms like fatigue, weight loss, excessive thirst, slow to heal and low vision. It is non curable disease which will remain in long life of person. You have to just control the blood sugar level to lead a normal life. It can be easily controlled by some natural home remedies.

Home remedies for diabetes

karela-juiceBitter Gourd Juice – Bitter gourd juice is recommended for diabetic patient. He should take it empty stomach in the early morning. He has to follow this routine for few months to maintain the glucose levels.

4647095_origFenugreek – It is an herb used to control the blood sugar levels. Its seed should be soaked in water for a whole night and should be taken in early morning empty stomach. The powder of it can be taken with milk also helps you to keep away from diabetes.

guavaGuava – It contains Vitamin C and fiber which is also a good home remedy for patients of diabetes. You can eat it every day by peeling it skin of, but excess intake is not good for health.

mango_leaves.jpgMango Leaves – You can control it by taking few delicate mango leaves in water. It should be also taken early morning with empty stomach. Powder of mango leaves can be taken half teaspoon morning and evening to control it.


Aloevera-  A gel of Aloevera, turmeric powder and bay leaf in equal ratio can stay you away from diabetes. This mixture should be taken before your meal every day.

waterblogWater – It is one of the best remedies for this disease for everyone. A person should drink 2.5 liter of water every day to get the best results in this problem.

rayos-de-solSunlight – Sunlight is also good home remedies for controlling blood sugar levels. It produces Vitamin D which helps in production of insulin in human body to maintain the glucose levels.

Women practicing yoga in a class

Yoga – Yoga is also very effective exercise to control and stay away from diabetes. There are many asana like pranayam, setubandha asana, Balasana to cure diabetes. A person can control blood sugar level easily by doing yoga every day.

Walk_Park-smallerWalking – A diabetic patient should walk daily morning and evening to control the blood sugar level. It is very helpful for him to control the sugar level easily.

shutterstock_133083593Cinnamon – A person should take cinnamon one- half with a cup of warm water every day. It has the ability to lower the blood sugar level.

Diabetes is one of the fast growing lifestyle disorders that can be effectively managed by a human being. He has to make some changes in his lifestyle and eating habits. There are people in this world who are suffering from this disease but living a good life by controlling their activities and habits.


Diabetes: Symptoms, Cause and Treatment

1722393_1437740626Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which the person body cannot produce insulin or cannot produce adequate insulin. It is a long term condition that causes high blood sugar levels. As per the survey conducted in 2013 there were 382 million people affected with diabetes. There are two types of diabetes Type 1 and Type 2. There is also gestational diabetes which occurs during the pregnancy of woman. Diabetes mostly occurs in old aged people due low creation of insulin in the body.

Common Symptoms of Diabetes

Frequent Urination In diabetes patient has to go to bathroom very often. A blood sugar level is very high and it makes person to go for urine again and again.

Disproportionate Thirst A diabetic patient drinks more water than usual because he passes on the lots of liquid frequently from his body.

indexIntense Hunger As the body cannot produce enough insulin and no insulin and your cells not getting energy. Your body wants more energy hence you need to eat more food than usual.

Weight Loss There is huge weight loss of body due to non production of energy cells in your body. In this case body tries to take energy from a muscle which leads to broken down fat.

Increased Fatigue The body feels more tired and restless because it does not produce more insulin or not produce insulin at all. This makes person more tired and weak and affect his working lifestyle.

Wound does not heal If a person has cuts and wound in his body then it does not heal early because body has more sugar level than normal.

Woman taking blood sample for measuring sugar level

Numbness in body – A person has too much sugar level in his body which increases numbness in his body and it could damage the nerves as well.

Skin Infection – Woman suffers a lot with the skin infection problem of bladder and vaginal infection due high blood sugar level in the body.


Insulin injections – If diabetes is diagnosed then insulin injection has to be given in your body. It cannot be given as a tablet because it may blow down your stomach. Insulin injections are given by injection pen which is also known as insulin pen and auto injector. It can be given from syringe most people need four injections a day.

Diabetes Objects

Insulin pump therapy – It is alternate therapy insulin thin piece tubing is attached to your body which continuously flow insulin into your body. There is a needle injected into your body parts like arms, hips, buttocks, stomach and thighs etc. The pump allows regular flow of insulin in your bloodstream to control the rate. This therapy can be used by adults, teenagers, children who have type 1 diabetes.

Monitoring Blood Glucose – An important part of your treatment is you have to make sure that blood sugar level should be normal and stable as possible. This is typically done by using a blood glucose monitor such as aviva accu chek testing strips It can be managed by eating healthy diet and walking at least 5 km every day.


How adverse effect can diabetes have towards the sex life

reversed-diabetesNo relationship is complete without an accomplishing sex life. The consequence of daunted sex life further leads to the bigger associated issues like stress, hypertension, high blood pressure, etc. There can be multiple factors associated with a matter linked with sexual dysfunction. And, diabetes can also be one such factor; though very few are aware of it.

Why has diabetes adverse effect towards sex?

It’s a fact that diabetic people are more potent of sexual dysfunction as uncontrolled diabetes holds the chances of affecting the blood vessels that result into minimal blood flow to the sexual organs. In concurrence, uninhibited diabetes has also been found to be having negative effect towards the nervous system that hampers the desired stir in sexual organs.

Women with diabetes and sexual issuesYoung Doctor Check The Blood-sugar Level

Studies say the diabetic women hold higher possibilities of coming across with the aridity issues in sexual organs. In fact, studies have found it that women suffering from diabetes are twice likely of suffering from sexual dysfunction than the others.

The disordered lifestyle of the contemporary times has been found to be encouraging sexual dysfunction probabilities among women suffering from diabetes. These women have been found to be primarily suffering from extreme pains in sexual organs during intercourse. Lack of sexual interest is also pretty common among the women with diabetes than the others.

Factors causing diabetic people suffering from dysfunction:causes-of-impotence-high-Diabetes

Upon taking an analytic view, it becomes evident that people are having an addiction towards alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc., are potential towards diabetes. And, needless is to mention the same are also the prime factors in causing sexual dysfunction issues.

As mentioned above, diabetic people face the issues of lower blood flow to sexual organs. The lesser blood flow to sexual organs is also one of the prominent issues behind lack of interest or libido kind of symptoms causing sexual dysfunction later.

It’s obviously an issue at an older age:pennwell.web.300.188

Irrespective of men or women, sexual dysfunction, is something that grows with increasing age. The process gets rampant at an older age if the person is associated with diabetes issues. Especially, the issues of erection are found to be more common sexual dysfunction symptom at older age among the diabetic people.

In fact, studies suggest about 25% of people suffering from issues of erection at the later parts of life are diabetes. These people hold the higher possibility of suffering from emotional disorder diseases as well.

Quicker, the better:

Oval pills in male palm over white table

It’s not, however, an absolute fact that people with diabetes have to suffer from the sexual dysfunction issues. In fact, these sexual dysfunction issues are also perfectly curable as of any other form of diabetes. The key behind all these is to consult the experts at the earliest. It would be a rather better option for people suffering from diabetes to consult an expert before marriage or intercourse.